Gift Registry

29 Nov

This is the gift registry, for those of you who keep asking for the link to be put somewhere easier to find. Sorry it has taken so long to make it easier to find.


Diary of a Greedy Nutritionist – Tinned Soup

1 Jun

So I am watching Master Chef which I love dearly (I would have auditioned but my daring Mr Beard Face became upset at the idea of me going away to Sydney).

It has inspired me to share my ‘Tinned Soup’ recipe, some of my friends Justine and Ben, where asking me for it recently and it is delicious.

It is one of those fill me up on a cold day sort of foods and is quite easy to knock together.

3 tins of Peri Peri spiced tomatoes.
1 tin of lentils
1 tin of Mexican beans
1 tin of champignon mushrooms
1 tin of baby carrots
1 tin of diced capsicum
1 tin frozen peas
1 block of fetta
2 tsps cumin
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsps paprika
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper.
1 brown chopped onion
3 tsps of minced garlic

Start by browning the onion in water, throw in the garlic paste or 3 fresh crushed garlic cloves. (if using fresh carrot water cook it now)
Next open the tins of tomato and other veggies, lentils and beans and pour them in. (make sure to rinse all the lentils, beans and vegetables before hand).
When it boils add in the mushrooms with the herbs and a little salt and pepper to taste.

Pour into bowls and top with crumbled fetta.

Surprisingly this is quite delicious!

I would love to hear your feed back. Enjoy!


26 May

I love shoes. I really, really love them.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am so short and they make me taller..or maybe it’s because they are just so damned pretty.

There is nothing worse than getting dressed up and looking frumpy in a pair of flats. That is why a lovely pair of stilettos or a hot pair of pumps make that make the out fit pop.

They tuck your stomach in, correct your posture and force you to hold your head high. Heels make outfits.

I know there is a lot of people who hop on the ‘back damage’ of ‘feet damage’ line, but phaa, I don’t care.

As for the attitude that men have forced us in to the ideal of wearing high heels. I read a blog awhile ago (I can not remember where), but it said that heels were some sort of ‘misogyny projected on to the bodies of women’ by male designers……because they are so impractical.
Have Women internalized the male gaze so much that they can not see the impracticability of the shoes?

I get it, not every body likes high heels. Long before I was interested in boy’s or paid attention to fashion though did I start wearing them for my ballroom dancing.

I dictated the colour shape diamente positioning and I was 8 years old. (I still have them)

When I was 3 and insisted on having the patent leather, glossed to high hell, cherry red tap shoes, and all the other girls wore pink/nude/beige/white/boring shoes. Was I conforming then?

Personally I think that 4 inch stiletto, is just bringing me 4 inches closer to heaven.

I have 4 pairs of shoes that I have brought over the last year or so for my up coming wedding. I still do not have a dress. But I have figured that’s not the really important bit. I can change my shoes at least 3 times during the day and then take them all on my honeymoon! Yay.

It’s a way to get around Mr Beard faces dislike of my copious amounts of heels I insist on taking with me every where I go.

I am five foot tall what can I say. I LOVE shoes.

Gosh I want these.

I want these.

Oh. Heck Yes.

One day I will own some Jimmy Choo’s…sweet, sweet, high heeled, pretty, sparkley, shoes.

8 days to go

23 May

So 8 days…well…7 and an evening and I am getting al my impacted wisdom teeth pulled out at once..while I am awake.

I am nervous…But I am sore and I dont know how long I will have to disappear for as my face will be like a balloon.

They told us to take an esky with ice packs in it for the drive home 😮 scary scary scary.

Also I will not be able to do substitute teaching for a week or two. I have just started and I love it.

On the plus side soup diet and Ice cream for a week. I may in fact loose weight.

Plus all my friends and family can come visit me with soup and Ice cream. (That’s an order not a suggestion).

Also I wont be in pain any more !!!


9 May

Am I the only one, who wants to punch people in the face, when they refer to the colour yellow as ‘mustard’?

Mustard is a fucking condiment!

This is shades of yellow, not shades of mustard.
This is mustard.

Got it!

mustard = condiment, got it!

Bucket List

27 Mar

So I am going to write a bucket list.
All I feel like I am doing is planning for the future at the moment.

Stagnating and hoping that this Lord of mine will make something fall in to place in this crazy world.

I think I may up date this periodically, as I think of new things.

If I have any say in the plans for me this is what I would like.

1. watch dirty dancing. I have never seen it!! <a . Paris France (not the blonde) croissants and french onion soup. LOVE.
3.Tuscany. Imagine sitting in a little alley some where sipping a latte and eating olives. Nom nom nom.
4. Canada
5. England (Ireland for a week as well)
6. Some place in Asia – Thailand, Bali, Fiji, Vanuatu..Some where like that, where I can relax on the beach with some sort of coconut beverage in one hand, a book in the other, and some sort of spicy noodles or lobster in the other (yes the third hand I am going to develop just to hold all these things).

7. How could I forget!! JAPAN (obviously not at the moment…although I have always wanted super powers)
Must go to:
7a. A karaoke bar
7b. A sushi train
7c. Tea rooms
7d. bath house
7e. Mt fuji.

Yes my desire to visit all of these places has a large part to do with the food stuffs of the country. Greedy remember? greedy.

Thats true love.

27 Mar

Love. Love. Love it.

I have been in a pretty bad mood lately. Not all the time just a bit. I really want life to hurry up.

I am an organised person. Sometimes too organised. I enjoy writing lists, they clarify everything and then I can organise my to -do’s in order so they don’t feel so over whelming.

Lately my list has been HUGE. FREAKING HUGE.

Getting everything orgainsed at the moment has been (is being) very overwhelming.
I know what I need to do and what I want to do, but I just have not had the money/time to do it all.
I am finally feeling like I am getting on top of this. The list at least I can recall of the top of my head (give or take a few items and a few minutes).

Oh the things I do for Mr Beardface. It must be love, because if I needed to do this for any one else…..I would want to be paid!

Actually that one time he puked on my face and arms was probably proof of that.

I am craving banana pancakes. Hot pancakes with fried banana crushed raspberries, vanilla ice cream and mapel sryup. Oh My!

It sounds heavenly. Thats my greedy side coming out.

My best friend is in hospital. again. It is stressful for me, it must be much worse for her. I LOVE her dearly. She is pretty awesome. I could write a long list of all the characteristics I admire in her.
I guess I wont understand her pain until I have a baby..or kidney stones. It must be terrible to be in pain and look normal. I know I can feel it with my CFS, everyone is like why are you so lazy all of a sudden?
why dont we see you out any more? where are you?

The likely answer is asleep or reading or laying n the couch wishing I was asleep. I can sleep for 10 hours straight quite happily now and could eaily include an afternoon nap.
Plus there is heaps more things that I have that just plain suck. I know I am definatly different after the Glandular fever and tonsilitis episode of 2010. Blah, I am rambling…

Ramble ramble ramble..with no coherent point to the thought.